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April 21, 2022
Dive safe we owe it to those who love us!

Vancouver Island Diving Conditions Summer 2020

Hello fellow divers and thank you once again for subscribing to Diver Don’s E-zine

Good day divers and friends

To start out I am sad to report a recent diver fatality which occurred at Finn Beach (Neck Pt. Park) in Nanaimo during an Open Water Course, on Saturday, April 16/2022. The details are few and unconfirmed, but rumor has it that it was a male, and an off duty RCMP officer learning to Scuba Dive, who was either from, or worked in Pt. Alberni. Tragically he did not make it, despite the resuscitation efforts of those attending, which included Nanaimo Emergency Response personnel.

So what happened?

I would share if I knew, so that others might learn and avoid a similar fate, but either the RCMP themselves, or the organization known as PADI is suppressing the details of this recent tragedy. This is not the first time that details of diving fatalities are hidden from the public, and I for one believe that as much information as possible should be made available publicly, for the simple reason that I, and others may learn from the incident…

I don’t consider myself political, but isn’t it strange that the media can report the atrocities of war, murder and rape, or the devastation that mother nature can reap upon us, but yet we cannot know about what is considered to be “an accident” enough said!

It is mid April here on Vancouver Island and if you’re a local active diver like me, you’re probably not diving, but waiting for the abysmal visibility to improve. Not sure why it is so bad, but speculation is anything from Herring Spawn, to run off from the Fraser River. Anyway whatever the case, if you want to go out, be prepared for what I call navigation diving!

I recall a dive I did last year in similar conditions, where myself and my buddy became separated during the dive, and while I was doing my safety stop I got shocked by a Sea Lion that came out of the glom…almost gave me a heart attack lol 😊

Well I certainly hope the VIZ improves very soon. Take good care and safe diving, cheers, Don.

P.S. There is a Ocean clean up in Ladysmith at Ladysmith Community Marina this Sunday, April 24/2022 All are welcome to attend and lend a hand, please call Ed at Sundown if you are coming. Sundown Diving 250-753-1880

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