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diver-dons E-zine, Issue #003 - Neutral Buoyancy
November 13, 2016
Dive safe we owe to those who love us!

Neutral Buoyancy, adventures in a liquid world

Good day to you my readers :-)

I am a book worm! Nerd right?

Anyway I thought in this edition of my E-zine that I would share with you a really great book about the roots of scuba diving.

The book is "Neutral Buoyancy, adventures in a liquid world" and was written by a British Diver named Tim Ecott. As the story goes, it is about our early history and ongoing fascination with the world beneath the waves. From our earliest times we have been trying to visit the liquid world, whether for profit, scientific discovery, photography, stealth, a food source, or just plain recreational diving.

Mr. Ecott crafts an excellent story by interspersing his own adventures in diving with a account of where and how it all began.

From inverted iron cauldrons, to diving bells and helmet divers, or hand cranked compressors. How about the early cases of the bends called caisson disease, and how science and the physiology of gases in diving evolved.

J.S Haldane, Robert Boyle, Jacques Yves Cousteau, and many more famous men and women who have contributed in so many ways to the advent of todays recreational scuba diving industry, making it the relatively safe sport that it has become.

As I stated early on, "I am a bookworm" I loved reading this book and found it both interesting and informative. In my opinion it is well worth the read.

By the way if you can find it in a used book store it will be a great bargain I assure you.

Hope you enjoy it as much as I have.

Cheers and all the best.

P.S. If you are still reading, I am putting together an E-book of my website and would welcome any comments or suggestions.

Below is a link you can cut and paste that will take you to a page on my website for this book "Neutral Buoyancy"

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