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Hello and welcome to a page About Me!

My name is Don and I am an avid Cold Water Scuba Diver.
I began diving at 50 years of age to fulfill a bucket list wish I had since being a kid. Approaching my 50th birthday I just knew if I didn't try it now, I probably never would.

Anyway after 250+ cold water dives and several specialty courses, I love it! My only regret is that I didn't start diving a lot sooner.

I live and work in Nanaimo, BC, Canada. Which is located on Vancouver Island. This is the central most portion of this west coast paradise.

I have been a resident here since around 1991 and cannot imagine living anywhere else. Truly, Vancouver Island is an outdoor person's paradise.

My passions are fishing in the ocean or our rivers, ice skating (hockey referee), roller blades, "easy" mountain biking, golfing, walking, and of course, scuba diving.

So what about diving in the cold waters of Vancouver Island, BC ?
Well it is beautiful, and wearing a dry suit takes care of the cold.

At one point I was getting in 2 or 3 dives every week, but I slowed down a whole lot following a dive accident where my friend and dive buddy didn't make it back. Please follow the link below and read the story attached to the link. "Best Diving Gone Bad"

I can tell you that using Nanaimo as a base for cold water diving on Vancouver Island is definitely the right choice to make.

Nanaimo, BC is the "Hub city" when it comes to accessing all the great scuba diving opportunities Vancouver Island has to offer.

Well thanks to all my dive buddies, and thanks for reading, "about me".

Cheers and be safe!

In honor of the late Paul "Scott" Revane please visit this link

"Best Diving Gone Bad"

As his friend and dive buddy that was witness to his last moments, I feel it is important to remind all current and future divers to not get cocky or complacent about any aspect of scuba diving.

Though diving is relatively safe, the price for a mistake is harsh and usually final. Be vigilant! Remember in Scuba Diving there is no Search and Rescue, it is always Search and Recovery!

We owe it to the people who love us to make it home safe.

Feel free to "Contact Me" by following the link, or if you have something to share use "Share Your VI Story"

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Tides & currents

Here is an excellent link to
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for Nanaimo, BC.
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Myself and my dive buddy Bob at Race Rocks, Victoria BC.

Race Rocks, Victoria BC.

Puget King Crab meets Bob

Me to!