Vancouver Islands Best Scuba Diving

Welcome to the best scuba diving locations on Vancouver Island, BC.

Please enjoy and feel free to add your own favorite sites or stories (share your VI story), or to (contact me) using the appropriate navigation tab/s.

Cheers and safe diving!

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Scuba Diving Books

Exciting! Insightful! Educational! books about Marine Life, Scuba Facts, History, Shipwrecks...

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Free Dive Maps

Free dive maps and descriptions of Vancouver Island dive sites

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Nanaimo Dive Shops

Who are the Nanaimo dive shops.

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Nanaimo Dive Charters

Nanaimo dive charters are the way to get the most out of your Vancouver Island diving experience.

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Tyee Cove Dive Site

Tyee Cove is a one of the best and most versitile dive sites in central Vancouve Island. With excellent shore access on any tide!

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Dive Site Directory

The dive site directory for the best dive sites on Vancouver Island, BC.

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Dodd Narrows Dive Site

Dodd Narrows is a spectacular dive that is absolutely loaded with marine life. A technical dive where requiring exact planning do to extreme currents

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The Best Diving Gone Bad

Fun dives can go from bad to fatal

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About Me

This is a little about me, and how scuba diving has become a passion of mine.

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Vancouver Island Marine Life

What Vancouver Island marine life will I see while diving in these waters.

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The Wreck of the SS Themis

The wreck of the steam ship SS Themis in Browning Pass is just one of the attractions to diving in the Gordon group of islands.

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Victoria BC Dive Sites

Victoria BC has several excellent dive locations from either shore or boat.

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Vancouver Island British Columbia

Information on Vancouver Island, British Columbia, Canada

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Used Scuba Equipment

This is a page about used scuba equipment, what to buy and what to avoid

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Ten Mile Point

Ten Mile Point near Cadboro Bay in Victoria is an excellent shore "drift dive"

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Snake Island Wall Dive Site

Snake Island Wall off of Nanaimo BC is a spectacular dive that is only minutes from the two sunken navy ships.

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Rivtow Lion Dive Site

The Rivtow Lion in Nanaimo's Departure Bay, is an excellent dive, available to all levels

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Nanoose Bay Dive Sites

Nanoose Bay Dive Sites are found just north of Nanaimo, BC.

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Nanaimo BC Dive Sites

Nanaimo BC dive sites are some of the best on Vancouver Island.

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Madrona Point Overview

The Madrona Point Overview highlights why this is such a great dive location.

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Tides & currents

Here is an excellent link to
tide and current charts
for Nanaimo, BC.
At the bottom of displayed
chart you will see two links,
"other tide stations" or
"other current stations"
follow these links for
information from California
and right up to Alaska.