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The books below I have personally read or use for reference.
I believe all are either worthy of reading, and or owning for the  avid temperate (cold) water scuba diver.

Investigate Your Watery World!

Marine Life, SCUBA Facts, History, Shipwrecks...

In David Hall's "Beneath Cold Seas" join him beneath the waves with stunning pictures of our Undersea World.

A photographic masterpiece!

"Coastal Fishes of the Pacific Northwest"

An excellent reference book by Andy Lamb and Phil Edgell.

With hundreds of color photographs and descriptions!

Its easy format makes for quick reference!

"Whelks to Whales"

A full color marine life field guide to the Pacific Northwest

by author Rick M. Harbo

From Alaska to Southern California

Another great reference book for divers and naturalists

Join Michael Ange in "Diver Down" where he shares real life dive

emergencies and what we can learn from them!

Don't let diver error be the factor that hurts or kills you!

Learn to prepare through maintenance, safety protocols, and practice.

A great addition for yourself or perhaps just a thoughtful gift!

"Neutral Buoyancy, Adventures in a Liquid World"

A history of diving, from the humble beginnings of the Sponge Diver,

and on to the fully equipped diver of today.

An excellent book by Journalist and Dive Master, Tim Ecott.

"Super Suckers"

The Giant Pacific Octopus,
Are interested in West Coast Diving?
As a diver here is a book about a bizarre creature you are likely to meet.

Author James A. Cosgrove and photographer Neil M. McDaniel combined their talents to show you what this animal can do!

Here is a creature that can fit through openings one tenth its size, or instantly change its color, and or texture

Truly masters of hide and seek!

"Diving Vancouver Island South"

Greg Dombowsky, author, diver, and photographer has compiled a list of the many available Dives in Victoria BC, and the South Island.

A practical guide for visitors and local divers alike.
Includes maps!

"Marine Life of the Pacific Northwest"

Andy Lamb and Bernard Hanby team up to share this amazing work!

Boasting over 1,700 full color pictures of every known species to be found from California and all the way North to Alaska.

50 Places to Dive Before You Die

Within are some amazing dive destinations to add to your bucket list!

by Chris Santella

"Shadow Divers"
By Robert Kurson

This is an excellent read! one of my personal favorites!

I highly recommend this real world true adventure!

230 feet down in the cold Atlantic a sunken U-Boat is found, only thing is according to Second World War records, it doesn't exist?

An amazing true story of courage and determination, as a Diver you will want to read this!

"Soul of an Octopus"

The author has created a very interesting perspective that I found enjoyable, though I balk at giving an Octopus too much humanness, even if they are a in fact, very intelligent creatures!

Over the past 4 years I have re visited my creative side, and have written and illustrated the following 4 children's story/colouring books.

Vancouver Island Colour My Seas of Green was the first and went through several editions and titles before I was brave enough to publish.

"Vancouver Island Colour My Seas of Green"

All 4 of my books have a rhyming story's to read, with lots of interesting illustrations to colour. So whether young, old, or just young at heart, please enjoy these fun activity books. Enjoy, and thank you for your support.


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Please use my Contact Page and let me know of other books you have found to be worthwhile reading or informative.

Thank you!

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