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World of the Real

Exciting! Insightful! Educational!

Books about Marine Life, SCUBA Facts, History, Shipwrecks...

David Hall takes you with him beneath the waves with stunning

pictures of our Undersea World.

Beneath Cold Seas: The Underwater Wilderness of the Pacific Northwest

A photographic masterpiece!

Beneath Cold Seas

Coastal Fishes of the Pacific Northwest, Revised and Expanded Second Edition

A must have reference book by Andy Lamb and Phil Edgell.

With hundreds of color photographs and descriptions!

Its easy format makes for quick reference!

Whelks to Whales, Revised Second Edition: Coastal Marine Life of the Pacific Northwest

A full color marine life field guide to the Pacific Northwest

by author Rick M. Harbo

North to Alaska then South to California

A great reference book for us all

Whelks to Whales

Michael Ange shares real life dive emergencies and what we can learn.

Diver Down: Real-World SCUBA Accidents and How to Avoid Them

Don't let diver error be the factor that hurts or kills you!

Learn to prepare through maintenance, safety protocols, and practice.

As a great addition for yourself or perhaps just a thoughtful gift!

Fifty Places to Dive Before You Die: Diving Experts Share the World's Greatest Destinations

For the Scuba Diving Adventurer in us all.

 An easy read to help you stretch your imagination!

Neutral Buoyancy: Adventures in a Liquid World

From the humble beginnings of the Sponge Diver and the many challenges

early Divers faced and later to the quest of breathing underwater.

Neutral Buoyancy, adventures in a liquid world!

An excellent book by Journalist and Dive Master, Tim Ecott.

Super Suckers: The Giant Pacific Octopus and Other Cephalopods of the Pacific Coast

The Giant Pacific Octopus, if you are interested in West Coast Diving

here is a great book about a bizarre creature you are likely to meet.

Super Suckers

Author James A. Cosgrove and photographer Neil M. McDaniel combined their talents to show you what this animal can do!

Here is a creature that can fit through openings one tenth its size, or instantly change color and or texture

Truly masters of hide and seek!

Divers Guide: Vancouver Island South

Greg Dombowsky, author, diver, and photographer has compiled a list of the many available Dives in Victoria BC, and the South Island.

A practical guide for visitors and local divers alike

Includes maps!

Dive Like a Pro: 101 Ways to Improve Your Scuba Skills and Safety

Here is a refresher and some instruction from author Robert N. Rossier

Dive Like a Pro

Lots of material for the newly certified diver or for one out of practice.

Good tips on safely improving air consumption, buoyancy control,

safety protocols, physical fitness, equipment tuning and maintenance.

The Certified Diver's Handbook: The Complete Guide to Your Own Underwater Adventures

Your complete guide to enjoying your own underwater adventures.

Clay Coleman's book

The Certified Divers Handbook

will help you get more out of your scuba diving

Marine Life of the Pacific Northwest: A Photographic Encyclopedia of Invertebrates, Seaweeds And Selected Fishes

Andy Lamb and Bernard Hanby team up to share this amazing work!

Boasting over 1,700 full color pictures of every known species to be found from California and all the way North to Alaska.

The Sea Hunters

Here is an excellent narrative by Clive Cussler and Craig Dirgo.

Exciting True Adventures with Famous Shipwrecks with Clive Cussler and an agency known as NUMA (National Underwater Marine Agency).

Shadow Divers: The True Adventure of Two Americans Who Risked Everything to Solve One of the Last Mysteries of World War II

230 feet down in the cold Atlantic a sunken U-Boat is found, only thing is according to Second World War records, it doesn't exist?

An amazing true story of courage and determination, as a Diver you will want to read this!

99 Dives from the San Juan Islands in Washington to the Gulf Islands and Vancouver Island in British Columbia

Just one of many interesting books by the late Betty Pratt Johnson.

Dive with Six Gill Sharks, Sea Lions, Octopus, this lady has done it all!

Shipwrecks of British Columbia

The late Fred Rogers, Diver and Adventurer, takes you on many Historic Journeys in this excellent tribute to British Columbia Shipwrecks.

Dedicated to all men living or dead

who heard and answered the call of the sea

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Thank you!

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