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Here is a dive site directory (and links) to what many consider to be the best dive sites on Vancouver Island, British Columbia.

Click Here to Download Nanoose Bay Dive Maps & Descriptions

An Octopus out of it's den at Oak Leaf Community Park Dive Site

Central Vancouver Island
Scuba Sites

Includes Nanaimo & Gabriola Island
also includes
 Nanoose Bay & Port Alberni

Nanaimo, BC and Gabriola Island>

Breakwater Island> - (boat dive, advanced level)

Clark Rock> - (boat dive, all levels)

Dodd Narrows> - (boat dive, advanced level)

Gabriola Passage> - (boat or shore dive, advanced level)

HMCS Cape Breton> - (boat dive, advanced level)

HMCS Saskatchewan> - (boat dive, advanced level)

Keel Cove> - (shore dive, all levels)

Neck Point Park> - (shore dive, all levels)

Orlebar Point> - (shore dive, all levels)

Rivtow Lion> - (boat dive, all levels)

Snake Island Wall> - (boat dive, advanced level)

Nanoose Bay, British Columbia

"Nanoose Bay Maps"

Cottam Point> - (shore dive, all levels)

Dolphin Beach> - (shore dive, all levels)

Madrona Point overview> - (shore dive/s, various levels)

Madrona Point Small & Mid Walls - (shore dive/s, all levels)

Maze at Madrona Point - (shore dive, all levels)

Madrona Point Main Wall - (shore dive, advance level)

Oak Leaf> (shore dive, all levels)

Tyee Cove> - (shore dive, all levels)

The Jib> - (shore dive, all levels)

Wall Beach> - (shore dive, all levels)

Yeo Islands> - (boat dive, all levels)

Port Alberni, British Columbia

China Creek> - (shore dives, all levels)

There are 2 dives here, one on a sunken ship, the other is a wall dive.

Northern Vancouver Island
Scuba Sites

Dive Vancouver Island North

Hornby Island & Denman Island

Flora Islet> - (boat dive, advanced level)

Norris Rocks> - (boat dive, all levels)

Port Hardy, British Columbia

Browning Pass> - (boat dives, advanced level)

Wreck of the SS Themis> (boat dive, advance level)

Southern Vancouver Island
Scuba Sites

Chemainus & Ladysmith British Columbia

Alcala Point> - (boat dive, advanced level)

Boeing 737> - (boat dive, advanced level)

Elliot Beach> - (shore dive, all levels)

Wreck of the Robert Kerr> - (boat dive, all levels)

Victoria, British Columbia

Ogden Point Breakwater> - (shore dive, all levels)

Race Rocks> - (boat dive, advanced level)

Ten Mile Point> - (shore dive, advanced level)

Duncan Area

Sansum Point> - (boat dive, advanced level)

Octopus Point> - (boat dive, advanced level)

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Tides & currents

Here is an excellent link to
tide and current charts
for Nanaimo, BC.
At the bottom of displayed
chart you will see two links,
"other tide stations" or
"other current stations"
follow these links for
information from California
and right up to Alaska.