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Orlebar Point on Gabriola Island is a spectacular wall dive!

A Six Gill shark that my dive buddy Denis and I saw, while diving here on Aug.2/2020. Nothing short of amazing!!

This beautiful shore dive is accessed after a short ferry ride from Nanaimo, BC, and a short drive to the site.

The best time to dive this great dive site is just before a high slack, it makes for easier shore access and not much current! Honestly though you can dive it anytime, just be aware of the possible currents here!!

What current there is will take you to the left, or west a little ways, but that is no problem, at worst it will mean a short walk back to the parking area after you surface.

If there is a large tide, there can be some current to contend with,
so unless you are doing a live boat dive, take my advice, and wait for either a high slack (best), or a low slack.

The site faces roughly due north and looks out at a small rocky island with a few buildings on it called Entrance Island.

It is located less than 10 minutes from Descanso Bay which is where the BC Ferry docks on Gabriola Island.

As you leave the terminal, make the first left turn on Berry Point Rd
and follow this winding route to the dive site.

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A note here! The land name for this point is Berry Point, but the marine charts call it Orlebar Point.
Either way you will know you are there if you can see Entrance Island.

There is good parking at the point, that is right on the water.

Just go in wherever it looks promising, (there is more than one spot)

Head straight out on a bearing of 10 degree's. You want to aim at the left (west) end of the little island, and you will have a short swim over a fairly shallow shelf before coming to the top of the wall. when you get here, head to your left (west).

You can cruise the wall at whatever depth you choose, to well over
100ft (30m). There is lots to see.

As was mentioned, there is current at this site and consequently a huge variety of marine life to explore.

Enjoy and dive safe!

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Tides & currents

Here is an excellent link to
tide and current charts
for Nanaimo, BC.
At the bottom of displayed
chart you will see two links,
"other tide stations" or
"other current stations"
follow these links for
information from California
and right up to Alaska.