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Neck Point Park in Nanaimo BC, has a beautiful shore access dive site, that is available for all skill levels of scuba divers.

This site is used mainly by groups celebrating special days. Dives are usually held here every year on New Years and Canada Day.

So to do the dive at Neck Point, you must get through the locked gate that leads up, over, and down the other side of the hill!

To get the "key" to access Neck Point Park dive site, it is necessary to go to:
Bowen Park Complex at 500 Bowen Road Ph:250-755-7501
Then go around back at the bottom rear of the building and see the clerk. The credit card is for a KEY deposit.

By the way, after you go through the gate, lock it behind you!!!

Park at the bottom of the hill and you will see a path to follow heading somewhat west.
Walk to where the path has a branch to the right, (about 100yds) and then follow a short path that will lead you between a low rock corridor and onto the spine of a beach.
You can then choose which direction to go in from, as I describe below.

If the tide is on the ebb, do the dive from west to east, and reverse it for a rising tide.
This way there is no fighting even a small current!

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The site is around a little spit of rock outcroppings resembling two small islands, and what you do is go in from the appropriate side, and then circumnavigate the "little rocky islands".

Being a more shallow dive is also nice as the natural light makes for some great colors. The depth is under 70ft (21m) with all the life from there up.

You move along some awesome rocky terrain that makes for perfect marine habitat.

There is lots to see here!

Anemones, Sea Pens, Feather Stars, several varieties of fish, as well as the possibility of a Sea Lion encounter.
On our last dive there we even found a juvenile Wolf eel, very cool.

Though it is not crucial when you do this dive, it is a good idea to pick a time close to a slack tide, or even better, on a day when the tides are small.
Again it is not crucial, it is just a little easier!

Enjoy yourself and dive safe!

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Tides & currents

Here is an excellent link to
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