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Oak Leaf Community Park is a great dive site! It is a fairly new dive site in the Nanoose Bay area, but one that you will definitely want to put on your bucket list of shore dives!

A Nice Specimen of a Grunt Sculpin that was found off of the North Beach entrance

Oak Leaf Community Park dive site is relatively new and untouched. As a dive location it boasts a nice park with good trails, an outhouse, and multiple beach locations for easy access of diving. A warning though, it's a fairly long walk to the water, as compared to other Nanoose Bay sites!

This new site is a great location for diving, as well as a place to enjoy a picnic. This is a beautiful point of land, boasting excellent views, and is sure to become one of your favorite sites.

To get there just follow Hwy 19 North from Nanaimo, to Northwest Bay Road, and then follow this winding road for a few kilometers, and then turn right at Stewart Road.
Stay on this road and it will naturally turn into Dolphin Drive, and then very shortly (a few minutes), look for the road "Oak Leaf" on your left (the water side of the road). Having turned there, it leads you to a good sized parking lot.

Follow the main trail, and you will see, both on your left and right, excellent beach access to the dive site. You can also keep following the trail straight out to the point, where you will find a small beach, which again, offers excellent access. A caveat here, the beach on your left (west), is generally poor access unless the tide is fairly high, and there are no high winds coming from the Northwest.

My preference is to go to the beach on the right, as it is better for entering/ exiting, no matter what the tide, or winds, are doing.
Doing it this way just follow the contour of rock on your left, and it will take you down to about 70fsw depending on the tide, then when your spg indicates your turning point, come up a little and follow it back, or simply come out at the beach on the northern most point.

If you use the Northern point as your entry, take basically a North bearing and head down to about 60-70fsw, going either due west or east at this point, should put you on one of a couple of walls.

Whatever way you choose works, and I guarantee you will enjoy exploring this beautiful site!

Nanoose is a great and easy place to dive, as it is almost always "0" degrees away from the beach, and "180" back, as a general heading.

Enjoy and be safe, cheers!

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