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Clark Rock Dive Site in Nanaimo BC is an awesome location to see Wolf eels, Octopus, and many other types of aquatic life.

Located north of Departure Bay, this great boat dive is located near the beach by Pipers Lagoon Park.
The dive site has a lighted beacon, to let you and boaters know about the reef, as well as a dive buoy for tying up to, marking the dive site.

This is a great add on dive after doing perhaps the Wrecks near Snake Island (HMCS Saskatchewan or HMCS Cape Breton), or the Snake Island Wall itself.

The dive here is pretty much boat access only, unless you want a really really long swim!
Apparently a few hardy soles do swim out from the beach, but so far I have not tried the dive this way (and I never will).

If you are inclined to try the dive this way, there is ample parking and easy beach access that works in your favour.
Do be aware that at times there is a fairly strong surface current!

When you reach the site and go down the buoy line to the reef, we have found it more interesting if you go to the left rather than the right.
At least that seems to be where the wolf eels like to hang out.

There are good opportunities to just explore or photograph though, no matter which direction you choose to go in.

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There is lots to see and do at this site, and if your practiced at it, one of the highlights is to try your luck at feeding a wolf eel.
This can be very entertaining to watch, as well as making for some great photo opportunities.

This dive at its deepest is about 80ft (24m) and is suitable for all levels of experience.
In fact it is an excellent dive especially for newer divers, as other than some surface current, there is very little affect from current at this site.
As well, this is a great opportunity to gain experience in boat diving.

Anyway once you have done this amazing dive, we are sure you will agree it is one of the ''must do'' dives if you are visiting Nanaimo, BC.

Have fun and dive safe, cheers!

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