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Greg Dombowsky's book "Divers Guide vancouver island south" was created as a practical guide for local and visiting divers to learn about the many dive sites available in and around Victoria BC, as well as the southern portion of Vancouver Island.

In it Greg has placed over 50 dives that he has personally done himself.

As a diver and a photographer Greg uses pictures along with descriptions to help you find and enjoy the best diving Vancouver Island has to offer.

He also uses his own personally generated computer maps based on his
extensive dive experience in these waters.

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This valuable reference book is one that you will want to own!

Tides & currents

Here is an excellent link to
tide and current charts
for Nanaimo, BC.
At the bottom of displayed
chart you will see two links,
"other tide stations" or
"other current stations"
follow these links for
information from California
and right up to Alaska.