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Super Suckers, the giant pacific octopus and other cephalopods of the Pacific Ocean by author James A. Cosgrove, is an excellent book culminating from over 40 years of research.

This truly amazing creature is a master of disguise both in its ability to
change colour as well as texture.

The Octopus is also a Houdini of sorts as it can fit through an opening one tenth the size of its body.
If its beak can pass through, the rest of the body will follow.

A voracious predator, that last thing you want to be a is Dungeness Crab while the Octopus is out looking for a meal.

The Octopus is generally a shy animal but is has been known to appear
friendly to Divers that it seems to recognize.

Neil McDaniel's photographs and information on the Giant Pacific Octopus, the Humboldt Squid and the Ruby Octopus are excellent, his work would make a fine addition to any Divers book collection.

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